Our History

Disc Store was started in a college dorm room in 2008 with the goal of providing the best prices and the best service on Ultimate Frisbee discs. With the overwhelming support we’ve received from our amazing customers, we’ve been able to grow to become one of the largest ultimate and disc golf retailers.

Timeline (2008 - Present):

2008 - UltimateDiscStore.com was launched with a single box of Discraft Ultra-Stars in a college dorm room.

2009 through 2011 - The business moved to a house in Omaha, Nebraska. Word was spreading and sales doubled each year. The house filled up with inventory from floor to ceiling and we hired our first employee, then hit our first 100,000 discs sold.

2012 - The business moved to our first warehouse. We began offering custom printed apparel for teams and leagues around the country. We hired employees 3, 4, and 5 while doubling 2011 sales and hitting 200,000 discs sold.

2013 - We rebranded as DiscStore.com to show that we serve both the ultimate and disc golf community. Our team and sales continued to grow.

2014 - We moved from our 3000 ft² warehouse to our new 11,000 ft² warehouse.

2015 - Disc Store made the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing businesses in the USA.

2016 - 1,000,000 discs sold! Disc Store acquired the 2nd largest online Ultimate retailer, DiscAce.com.

2017 - We launched our monthly disc subscription program, DiscMember.com. We started manufacturing some of our own products such as our GrowTheSport Disc Golf Basket in order to provide high end items at the lowest price possible.

Current - Approaching 2,000,000 discs sold! Our team of 16 is working hard every day to grow ultimate and disc golf by serving both our retail customers and our teams, leagues, and clubs around the country for whom we print custom jerseys and apparel.


Browse our photos below to watch our growth over the years from dorm room, to house, to warehouse, to bigger warehouse. We’re excited to continue to serve you and grow with ultimate and disc golf.

2009 - Ultimate disc inventory was stored in this basement. The table was used for packing up orders before they were taken to the post office.

2010 - New shelving was assembled in every room of the house.

2010 - Some of the first boxes were placed on the new shelves.

2011 - The workstations of the first employees.

2011 - The east side of the basement as the house filled with discs.

2011 - As the house filled with discs, the last place to expand to was the utility closet in the basement.

2011 - The entire house including basement, bedrooms, and garage were full of discs. We needed more space.

2012 - Moving day in to our first warehouse.

2012 - Our first warehouse immediately after we moved in.

2012 - Grand opening at our retail store in Omaha.

2013 - New pallet racking and inventory covered the 3000 ft² warehouse from floor to ceiling. In the background was Disc Store’s first manual printing press.

2014 - Our warehouse was completely full with little room to move around. We needed more space!

2014 - We moved to our current home with a new retail store and 11,000 ft² warehouse.

2014 - Moving day as we worked to move in to our new warehouse.

Current - Our new retail store in Omaha, Nebraska.

Current - The outside of our new store at night.

Current - Our fulfillment area where our Customer Happiness Team stays busy shipping orders.

Current - Our Customer Happiness Team fills hundreds of orders per day to ship out to our customers in the USA and around the world.

Current - Hard at work at one of our shipping stations.

Current - Our Customer Happiness Team pulls product from our back warehouse to prepare to ship.

Current - For smaller team orders we manually print using our manual screen print machine.

Current - For larger orders like ultimate leagues and disc golf clubs, we print on an automatic press. Disc Store is one of the only disc companies to print in house on an automatic print press, allowing us to have the best prices on custom apparel.

Current - We also love to travel the country to attend and help manage ultimate and disc golf tournaments.


Thank you for your support over the years! Whether you’re a first time customer or have been with us from the beginning, we would be honored if you would consider making your next purchase through Disc Store. We greatly appreciate your business, and we look forward to serving you!