Disc Store Customer Happiness Team Process and Why We Don’t Offer Phone Service

Our core purpose is to “serve others by providing the best service they have ever experienced” and that begins with our pride in customer service with our Customer Happiness Team. We can provide the best customer service experience when we are able to interact online via email, Facebook, and Twitter. 

All members of the Customer Happiness Team are real, friendly, people who love disc sports and work from Omaha, NE.

We don't offer phone support because we know it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same level of experience over the phone. We have decided to use our online support lines available for these reasons:

  • We can instantly view your account activity, email history, and other information at our fingertips. 

  • We often ask you to send us screenshots, images, links, and other supporting documents to help us serve you. This also allows us to be able to send you screenshots, images, links, and other documents to lead you in the right direction and resolve any conflicts.

  • It's more efficient. We can quickly answer your questions without putting you on hold (who likes being on hold?)

  • Online support keeps organized records together in one place. This allows our entire Customer Happiness Team to have access to your concerns and assures you and us that nothing gets lost in translation. We can task any one of our team members to help you as quickly as possible by allowing all of the communication to be open and accessible. We'll always have access to previous records so you won't have to repeat your questions.

We hope you appreciate our thoughtful efforts to provide customers the best service they have ever experienced and will come to us with any concerns you may have about our process.

We are thrilled to have very positive Google ratings and if you have received a 5-star experience from Disc Store we would invite you to review us as well. If your experience has been less than 5-stars please email us right away at [email protected] and we will work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

Thank you,
Customer Happiness Team