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Customized Team Friction Gloves

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Customized Team Friction Gloves

Regular Price: $29.89

Special Price $20.00

The Friction 3.0 is now available for $10 OFF with any team order!

Add your simplified team logo or player numbers to your gloves today for an additional fee.

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Regular Price: $29.89

Special Price $20.00


The best glove yet in the Friction 3 is now available for $10 OFF with any team order. Customization also available for an additional fee.  The Friction 3 is full of new features including grip on the throwing fingers, reinforced material & double stitching on the upper palm, and added 4 way stretch at the crease of the thumb.

Frictions provide the tackiness of receiver gloves without comprising your hands’ natural movements. Receiver gloves are meant for one thing: catching.  Frictions are made to both catch and throw!

You’ll notice the difference in both your throws and catches as soon as you try-on a pair.  There are many benefits to wearing a pair of Frictions:

  • Rubberized palms and fingers provide a consistent grip in every condition
  • Better grip equals more spin and more spin equals better throws
  • Softens the sting of zippy throws
  • Catch with more confidence

Whether your hands are sweaty from the heat, wet from rain, slippery from sunscreen, or numb from the cold, Frictions will help you out.