Daredevil Gamedisc Metallic Logo

Daredevil Gamedisc with a metallic Daredevil logo stamp


Daredevil Gamedisc Metallic Logo
Daredevil Gamedisc Metallic Logo white-swatch neonorange-swatch clear-swatch neonpink-swatch lightblue-swatch Daredevil Gamedisc Metallic Logo glow-swatch black-swatch neongreen-swatch
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Manufacturer Daredevil

The Daredevil Ultimate 175 'Gamedisc' has been used in competitive gameplay throughout the world since 2002. The Daredevil Gamedisc is one of Canada's leading Ultimate discs..  Designed by Ultimate Frisbee players and approved by USA Ultimate. These official high quality Gamediscs are manufactured and printed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  • The 175 gram Daredevil Ultimate Gamedisc is approved by USA Ultimate.
  • Official diameter of 27 cm
  • Alternative to the Discraft Ultra-Star 175 Ultimate Frisbee disc
  • Comes in many bright colors not offered by Discraft such as pink, purple, neon colors, clear, and others.
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