Looking to build a course? GrowTheSport Permanent baskets are the top choice for building a course, and here's why!

1. The Price

Our GrowTheSport Permanent basket is the best value you can find in a course installation basket. This $400 basket is just as good, if not better than other permanent baskets in the $450-$550 range. Plus our course bundle pricing saves you even more money! Build a 9 or 18 Hole course for just $366 per basket.

Innova DISCatcher

$2,382 more than GTS
$ 8,982 18-Hole Course
  • $4,491 9-Hole Course
  • $499 for Single Basket
  • 28 Chains

DGA Mach 7

$2,850 more than GTS
$ 9,450 18-Hole Course
  • $4,725 9-Hole Course
  • $495 for Single Basket
  • 28 Chains

DD Veteran

$1,950 more than GTS
$ $8,550 18-Hole Course
  • $4,275 9-Hole Course
  • $475 for Single Basket
  • 28 Chains

2. The Quality

Our GrowTheSport Permanent Baskets are the best priced PDGA Championship Approved Baskets on the market, and are one of the only baskets that is hot dipped galvinized steel from top to bottom with stainless steel chains. This massively increases the lifespan of your baskets. Read our blog on why hot-dipped galvanized steel is the only way to go HERE.  Download our full info sheet HERE


3. Bundle Options

We put together great bundle options to make building your course as easy as possible, and give you everything you may need! Our bundle options are offered in either 9 or 18 baskets and includes weatherproof padlocks, basket number decals, and tee signs

4. Our Warranty

Our GrowTheSport Permanent Baskets are made of hot-dipped galvanized stainless steel which holds up to the outdoor elements for many years. Our permanent baskets are covered under a 25 year warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects. Should your basket be determined to be covered by this warranty, it will be repaired or replaced at our sole option. Your limited warranty does not cover costs for labor, removal, or the installation of replacement parts. Your warranty does not cover baskets which have been damaged due to misuse, abuse, accident, or extreme events beyond the control of