Disc Store Custom Misprint Pulsar

Disc Store Custom Misprint Pulsar

Our mistake is your gain. Grab a one of a kind custom Pulsar misprint with a random design.


Available on a very limited basis. Limit 1 please to give everyone a chance!

Using high-tech ultra violet light (we call them lasers), we're able to print directly on white 175 gram Innova Pulsars, the official disc of Major League Ultimate.

Periodically, our lasers get a little too excited, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to pick up a cheap disc! We estimate 60% of these discs are not coated with our scratch proof coating, so the design may scratch off some of them.

The Innova Pulsar has been selected as the new official disc of Major League Ultimate! The Pulsar is a brand new Ultimate mold designed specifically for professional Ultimate and the MLU. It is similar to the Discraft Ultra-Star, but the Innova Pulsar has a slightly deeper rim, and is slightly more rigid plastic.

  • The Innova Pulsar is the official disc of MLU.
  • 175g standard Ultimate disc.
  • Great for competitive or casual play.

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