Disc Golf Dry Fit Misprints and Overrun

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Our mistakes are your gain! Misprints May Contain Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, or Tank.

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Disc Golf Dry Fit Misprints and Overrun
Disc Golf Dry Fit Misprints and Overrun

***Misprints May Contain Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve, and Tanks***

Limit 10 shirts per order.

Our mistakes are your gain! Get misprinted dry fits greatly discounted. All colors and designs are assorted so what you receive will be a surprise! Prints may be slight or major flaws, double prints, upside down, or overruns. Available currently while supplies last.

The material is state of the art ultra-fine, high twist, lightweight fabric that draws the moisture and perspiration from your skin to the outside of the fabric while eliminating snags and pulls.  Try our dry fits for top of the line moisture management, stain release, and odor resistance.

  • Cooling performance dry fit fabric
  • 100% Polyester Interlock
  • Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, Stain-Resistant
  • Ultra tight knit resists snagging
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