DGA Squall
DGA Squall DGA Squall

DGA Squall

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Introducing the DGA Squall: a versatile Disc Golf Midrange disc for hyzer-flip and turnover shots. Weights range from 174g-178g, available in SP and ProLine plastics. With impressive distance potential, it offers controlled accuracy and reliable performance on tight fairways.

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More Information
Manufacturer DGA
Model Squall
Disc Type Mid-Range
Stability Stable
Speed 6
Glide 4
Turn -1
Fade 1
Call For Price No

The DGA Squall is a remarkable midrange disc designed to elevate your disc golf game with its excellent performance on hyzer-flip shots and turnover shots. Crafted to perfection, the Squall combines speed, glide, and stability to deliver remarkable distance potential while maintaining control. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to finesse your shots or a beginner seeking a reliable midrange disc, the DGA Squall is a fantastic choice.

Available in weights ranging from 174g to 178g, the DGA Squall provides options to cater to individual preferences. Its weight distribution ensures a balanced flight path, allowing for consistent and precise throws. The disc comes in two high-quality plastics: SP and ProLine, both known for their durability and grip, ensuring that the Squall can withstand the rigors of the game and provide reliable performance over time.

What sets the DGA Squall apart is its impressive distance potential for a midrange disc. With its hyzer-flip and turnover capabilities, the Squall allows players to achieve extended flight paths, reaching distances that are essential for navigating tricky fairways and longer approach shots. Its combination of speed and glide helps generate ample distance while maintaining the control and accuracy necessary for tight lines and finesse shots. The DGA Squall truly shines as a versatile midrange disc that can take your game to new heights.

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