DiscMania Special Blend S-Line Vanguard Kyle Klein Creator Series 2023
DiscMania Special Blend S-Line Vanguard Kyle Klein Creator Series 2023

DiscMania Special Blend S-Line Vanguard Kyle Klein Creator Series 2023

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Introducing DiscMania's Vanguard, a masterpiece designed with Kyle's input. This reliable fairway driver offers a smooth, accurate, and powerful flight. Its contoured grip ensures comfort and control, making it ideal for any throw. Elevate your game with the Vanguard's precision and dependability.

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More Information
Manufacturer Discmania
Model Vanguard
Disc Type Fairway Driver
Stability Overstable
Speed 9
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2
Call For Price No

Introducing the Vanguard, a true masterpiece born from the collaboration between DiscMania and Kyle, meticulously crafted to meet his specific desires. This fairway driver sets a new standard of excellence, boasting unparalleled reliability and precision. The Vanguard's design features a blunt nose, reminiscent of the trusted FD1 and FD3 models, but with refined edges and a contoured rim, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for every throw. This driver is built to withstand the test of time and perform flawlessly when you need it the most, making it the perfect addition to your disc golf arsenal.

The Vanguard's smooth and maneuverable flight characteristics make it a trustworthy companion on the course. When thrown with force, the disc carries forward on a laser-straight trajectory, accurately following your intended line. The moderate fade at the end of its flight ensures a controlled finish, making it a reliable option for controlled distance shots and approaches. Whether you're executing a hyzer or anhyzer throw, the Vanguard excels in returning reliably with ease, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging shots with finesse.

Crafted to perfection, the DiscMania Vanguard elevates the fairway driver lineup to new heights. Embrace the power and reliability of this disc and witness your game reach new levels of precision and consistency. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, the Vanguard is ready to take your disc golf experience to the next level, helping you dominate the course with every throw. Embrace the future of fairway drivers with the Vanguard – the epitome of control, performance, and trust.

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