Mint Cutter Gloves

Mint Cutter Gloves

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Keep your game fresh with new Mint Ultimate gloves!  
*Disc Store Pro Tip: Mint Gloves Run Approximately 1 Size Smaller Than Competitor's Gloves*


The Cutter is designed for the playmakers of Ultimate. It is here to help you easily secure the disc in those run-through lasers, finger tip cherry picks, and trailing edge layouts. Every aspect of this glove has been designed to help receivers substantially enhance their catching ability.

  • MAXX Tack Provides Secure Catching and Handling
  • Increases Stability in Windy Conditions
  • Padding to Protect Hands
  • Coolflex Backing for Maximum Cooling
  • Durable in All Conditions
  • Low Wrist Profile for Maximum Motion



5/5 Product just keeps getting better!!!

A couple years ago, bought the first version of the mint ultimate gloves, and have been a fan ever since. Those gloves were a bit on the thicker side, and over time I have seen the gloves grow less bulky while still maintaining their grip. The thinner material allows for much better touch on throws, and still the right amount of thickness for stop those fast throws. They are also awesome int he colder weather of the midwest, where cold hands can be the main reason why people drop the disc. They even survived Iowa last in the spring 2016 college regionals tournament. For anyone who was not there, it was a cold, rainy, windy, mud bath. These gloves got me through that tournament with few drops(none that I can remember) and solid throws. 

I could not recommend this glove more.

5/5 Amazing gloves

After having the original mints, and trying out other brands (Friction, HuckNation), I found that Mint always stands out the most. They feel the best, have a comfortable and snug fit, and the features such as the padding, palm cut (allows the glove to flex very nicely), and thumb towel will definitely sway you to getting these gloves.

5/5 Best Ultimate gloves out there!

These gloves are amazing! They are hands down the best Ultimate glove on the market.

Unfortunately I have a condition that makes my hands sweat all the time so I am forced to play with gloves to even get a grip of the disc. After trying out all the different pairs offered I finally discovered Mint and their Cutter line. I will never go back to another glove. Mint are the first gloves to truly fit my hands and feel skin tight. They feel amazing from the get go.

The new Cutter III's are a major upgrade from the Cutter II's which were still a fantastic glove. Mint redid the palm of the glove to help with grip and durability. These gloves look like they will last and with a year warranty Mint thinks so too! They even work in cold weather. I was throwing the disc around in 37F weather and my hands were nice and warm like it was a nice summer day. 

The customer service also deserves a shout out! Best customer service in the world. There was a durability issue with the Cutter II's and Mint replaced mine in the warranty period every time free of charge. They respond to any question you have in a timely manner. 

Bottom line if you are looking for gloves these are the ones to get. They fit and feel like you aren't wearing gloves at all. Plus with a one year guarantee and fantastic customer service you can't say no!

5/5 Unequalled Gloves Get Even Better

I am a long time Mint glove user and have been along for the ride through many glove trials. No matter the version, once you get a pair of Mint gloves on, nothing else will do. Mint offers the same benefits as other ultimate gloves and then goes above and beyond in quality, detail and customer service. 

I have only been able to play with the Cutter III's for about two weeks, all indoor. However I feel confident in saying they are a major improvement to the previous Mint synthetic gloves. The material really seems to be holding up better than before— my first synthetic gloves ripped/peeled in the first tournament I wore them in (don't worry, Mint had my back and shipped a new pair for free). Skeptic of the material based on my first experience, I took some sand paper to The Cutter III's to see if they can take the test of time.... the material held up, scuffed but still played well. To add a little extra test to their weather durability I used them for moving in the ice and snow and they did not disappoint.

My favorite Mint glove was the first version off The Cutter (that were leather). The Cutter I's came with padding, fabric panels, breathable sections and more but the leather wore down quickly. The integration of these features into this new synthetic, durable all-weather, material is much appreciated. 

The fit matches all my previous Mint gloves. Use the sizing charts if you are new to Mint!

I am excited to see how these gloves do as I get to play in them more.

5/5 The Ultimate Glove

My first pair of gloves were the older Cutter II's and while I was impressed with their design, touch, and fit, I was appalled at the durability. After one game, the seams had ripped and the gripping was starting to peel off. If not for the excellent warranty and return policy, I would have gone to a different brand. That said... The Cutter III's are a dramatic improvement in the durability category. I've played with them for many weeks now and they are as good as new. 

I love these gloves for all the reasons I loved the Cutter II's, but now I can believe in their longevity. One particular improvement is the velcro strap. Before, the hooks would rip the lycra top material. Now, the velcro is much tighter and does not interfere with the materials on the glove. While I do have some concerns about the palm vents splitting open over time, I believe that these are an incredible product built with purpose and vision. 

Pro Tip: If you've never bought a pair before, follow their fitting instructions and you'll be pleased.


5/5 Impressive!

I grabbed these as a post-holiday gift to myself, so I haven't had much of a chance yet to play with them up here in New England.

That said, it hasn't stopped me from wearing them! I've had them on around the house multuple times, for hours on end, mostly because its easy to forget I have them on. I wanted to get a feel for their movement, sense of touch, breathability, etc. 

They have solid construction and contour to my hand well. I appreciate that it has built in flex-zones to handle the spots where I constantly tear through ALL of my old gloves. They'll be warm enough for my winter games, but don't get stuffy, and the tactile feel is awesome.

Dying to try them out at my winter league!

5/5 First time user of any Ultimate Glove.

My first time trying them on, well I didn't know what to expect to be honest. It's not like i believed they'd grant me invincible power or a newly found extra 15 yards of throwing distance. But I was shocked, my first couple throws or so all bladed or curved more than I had wished them too. At first I thought I was having a bad day, but then I realized that the gloves provided me with so much grip that It required less movement/angle to achieve the flight paths that I was aiming to throw. I found myself being able to throw a wider array of disc trajectories with much less subtle movement allowing we me play faster and fool opponents with ease. While it didn't magically add increased distance it did allow me to throw long distances more reliably with greater ease and control which I think is better.

It uses a very high quality velcro system which secures it at the base of the wrist. As compared to other velcros(non-frisbee related equipment) that after time the cheap quality would be rendered useless. I also enjoy how they lock at the base of the wrist because it creates a tighter fit than if it locked two inches past the wrist as most traditional gloves of all kinds do. The padding at the base of the fingers is beautiful, I just enjoy it.

Overall, I am enthralled with my purchase. I even found myself feeling like my hands were buttery soft and grip-less when I would throw after having just taken off my gloves.
It's a top quality glove for a top-tier player.

5/5 So good!

Having worn all versions of Frictions (1,2 and 3s), Layouts and the previous Cutter II, the Cutter III is one of the best for fit, texture, durability and utility. Tighter fitting than any other glove on the market, the seamless coating on your hand gives a perfect grip for catching and throwing. The new MAXX tac is mid way between the Friction (not sticky enough) and the Layouts (too sticky), you still have to be very deliberate on your release, which in the end helps your game. The interior of the palm and fingers has a slight grip to it maximizing the effect of the MAXX tac on the outside, ensuring a very positive connection between you and the disc. 

I don't know you about you, but the brow and nose sweat pads on the thumbs are a live saver! 

Thanks for an awesome glove. 

Fit guide is pretty true, but if you err on the small side of the measurements, go for a larger glove.

5/5 Awesome gloves!

I'm from Spain, sorry about the English first at all :D
The quality of the gloves has improved considerably, the sensation of durability is real now, maybe the S size is just a bit smaller than the old Cutter II, but is no problem for me, more contact with the disc.
The pad really helpl with the hard passes, mostly in cold situations when the hands are so sensitive!
And the really good thing is to throw... I was talking with people here who uses gloves about the new one and they can't believe me, but I throw MUCH better the forehand with this gloves, the grip is PERFECT. I adviced with the old Cutter II an improve in my long throws but with the new one... Just 2 weeks and my forehand deep throw is better, I'm so happy :))))))
Recommend this gloves for all you guys.

5/5 Great gloves

Don't have too much experience wearing gloves playing, so it was a nice surprise to wear a pair of gloves and not feel like it affected my throws at all. Great quality and definitely helped when playing in the elements.


5/5 The best ultimate gloves!

These are by far the best gloves one could buy for ultimate. They have nice padding making catching very easy, and water won't ruin or interfere with throwing. And the warranty is amazing as well!

5/5 The perfect glove

Fit. Style. The way the glove moves and flexes with your hand motions is really second to none. This is undoubtedly the best ultimate glove we've ever had. Great job Mint.



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Great Gloves!
Great gloves, and ultimately a great improvement over the previous models! A little bit on the pricier side, but well worth it! These have been the only gloves that I've used that offer a seamless throwing experience--any others require a bit of an adjustment period. The warranty is also 5 stars as well!
Review by Morimoto / (Posted on 3/18/2018)