Petstages Orka Flyer

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Petstages Orka Flyer
Durable and easy to throw, the Petstages Orka Flyer will hold up to your built tough dog.
What does this Orka toy not do? It floats, it flies, it stands up to tough treatment, yet it's soft on your dog's teeth and gums. The thick rim adds durability and helps keep its shape for hours and hours of fetching fun. Easy to grip and toss, winging it across the yard is actually fun for you, too. It's the perfect way to keep your dog (and you) fit while strengthening your bond. With the Orka name and quality behind it, this is one toy that won't wind up in shreds all over your yard, either.
  • Orka Flyer floats in the water and flies far
  • Takes tough treatment, yet is soft on dog's teeth and gums
  • Perfectly shaped for easy gripping and catching
  • Thick rim adds durability
  • Tough non-toxic material is synthetic rubber
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages
  • Imported