Why Buy Your Disc Golf Discs From Disc Store

Our Disc Store team recently did an analysis of our disc golf pricing and service as it compares to other leading disc golf retailers. We’ve made adjustments to pricing, shipping, and how we approach other aspects of how we we sell disc golf products.

Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to where they get their disc golf products. While there are many great companies out there working to grow the sport, we want to win your business, and we truly believe with some of our recent changes that we are the best place to shop for your disc golf products.

These are the main reasons we believe Disc Store is now the best place to purchase your disc golf products.

1. Price

We compiled our pricing and the pricing of our major competitors for all plastics of all manufacturers that we carry on this spreadsheet. Both Disc Store and our leading competitors are well under MSRP on almost all plastics. In fact, most of our discs are priced at MAP (minimum advertised price) which is the floor that manufacturers allow retailers to sell their products.

We are now either the lowest, tied for lowest, or are at MAP on most of our discs. On some plastics where we are not the lowest, you can simply price match online and our website will automatically beat the competitor by 5%. To price match, simply follow these instructions.

  1. Locate the product that you want to price match.

  2. Click the “Price Match” link.

3. Enter the competitor details and press “submit”.

4. Press “Confirm Price Match”.

5. That’s it! You just saved 5% over the cheapest price and can proceed to checkout!

(DiscMember Note - There’s one more way to save even more. If you’re a member of our monthly subscription program, DiscMember, you also save an additional 10% on everything at DiscStore.com. This discount is on top of sales and even price matches.)

2. Shipping Price

We adjusted our shipping prices to deeply subsidize your shipping cost. In our system we adjusted the weight used to calculate shipping from the actual weight of about 10 oz to 2 oz. While exact shipping will vary depending on your location, shipping will be $2.00 for one disc and increase slowly as the weight increases, but never go over $10 no matter how large your order. Here is an example of shipping cost for one particular sample location to Dallas, Texas.

3. Shipping Speed

Similar to our top competitors, most items will ship the same or next business day. We do have one advantage over our competitors, our location. Being in the center of the country in Omaha, Nebraska allows us to reach almost anywhere in the USA with a 1-3 day transit time.



4. Shipping in a box

In the past when customers ordered one disc golf disc, we were shipping in a poly mailer instead of a box to save on shipping and box cost. Going forward we will be shipping single disc orders in a supported box. We decided to make this change to make sure that every disc arrives to you in perfect condition every time. Boxes or a supportive cardboard insert is important on single disc orders to make sure the disc is not bent.

Most of our competitors such as Infinite Discs ship one disc orders in poly mailers. Infinite Discs gives the option to receive your discs in a box for a $3 upcharge.

Check out how a disc now ships from Disc Store.


5. Freebies

We send free items with orders based on how large your order is.

Freebie items can be earned by reaching certain tiers in your cart.

Sometimes we throw in freebies just because. If there’s a mini disc or sticker that you really want, just ask for it in your order comments. We include a sticker with most of our orders just because.

6. Convenient Checkout

We recently re-designed our checkout to make it quicker and easier to make a purchase. Customers don’t have to have an account, and if you do have an account our system will automatically detect it when you enter your email address and ask if you want to sign in during checkout to save effort by avoiding entering address and payment info.

We accept credit cards and Paypal similar to other competitors, but we also now accept Amazon checkout. If you have an Amazon account you can complete your checkout in just a few seconds.

7. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise to always make sure you’re happy when you order from us. When we do make a mistake, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. Check out what some of our customers have said on our testimonials page.

We also have 4.8 / 5 stars on Google Customer Reviews, which is among the highest rated e-commerce stores.


We would love the opportunity to win your business. If you’re a first time customer, use promo code NEWCUSTOMER in the month of May to take $5 off your order of $20 or more.