Disc Restock 2/20/22

Disc Restocked

Here at Disc Store we strive to be your one-stop-shop for all of your Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf Needs! To make that happen we are constantly working to get new products and fresh disc restocks onto the site!

Below is a list of everything that we added this week that you can find for sale right now!

New Releases by Disc Store!


Iron samurai 3

Iron Samurai’s third coming arrives with sharpened katanas and polished armor - in the form of a Color Glow C-line MD3!

The MD3 is Eagle McMahon’s go-to midrange for a wide variety of different shot shapes with both backhand and forehand. It doesn’t matter if Eagle is scrambling in a dense forest with a forehand or lining up a straight 400’ shot to the pin - The MD3 will get the job done.


Matt Bell Penrose

The 2022 Matt Bell Tour Series Penrose is now available featuring his brand new logo. Special Blend is a proprietary mix of materials developed in collaboration with Matt to craft what he describes as the “perfect putter".


Catrina Allen Rift

Now is your chance to start supporting Catrina with the purchase of one of these limited discs! The DGA SP Line Rift is an amazing point and shoot straight-flying midrange disc with favorable glide. This midrange can be used in many different situations and really shines for straight tunnel shots, slight turnover lines, and slowly fading hyzers. Grab a few, because you will be reaching for the Rift time and time again!

“The SP Rift is the most reliable midrange I’ve ever thrown, with all the glide and the perfect amount of fade.”


Catrina Allen Vortex

Moving forward, the SP Rift will become one of Catrina’s Signature Edition discs within the DGA lineup. Make sure to get your order in right away as ONLY this first release of these discs will feature this limited edition stamp.

Disc Restocks:



Buzzz OS





Latitude 64


Westside Discs


Swan 1


New discs and products are arriving all the time so if you don’t see the mold you’ve been looking for on this list check back next week to be the first to know when it shows up!