Big News for DiscMember in 2018! is the monthly Disc Golf and Ultimate subscription where you get up to $50 or more of value each month for only $24.99. We're excited to announce the following changes for DiscMember in 2018!

1. Starting February 1, all DiscMembers will get a free subscription to UDisc Pro, the app that let's you discover courses, keep score, track stats, and more. All DiscMembers including the Ultimate subscribers will have a lifetime subscription for the life of their DiscMember subscription. To celebrate our new partnership, UDisc is donating UDisc Dry Fits that come with the February 1 DiscMember Disc Golf package.

2. Starting February 1, DiscMembers will be able to win raffle items as part of their subscription. Our goal is to get $500 - $1000 worth of product (think discs, bags, and baskets) to giveaway each month. For a chance to win all you have to do is post your monthly DiscMember package on social media tagging @DiscStore using #DiscMember. We'll compile all the entries each month from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and do a raffle mid month. You'll have one chance to win per social channel that you post on.

3. For 2018 we'll be limiting the amount of DiscMember Disc Golf subscribers to 2000 and Ultimate subscribers to 1000. This will help keep DiscMember more exclusive and also help us forecast supply needs when dealing with our manufacturers. This will greatly help our manufacturers predict how many limited run or exclusive plastic discs they need to make for DiscMember each month.

Become a DiscMember today to get $50+ of merch in your mailbox each month for only $24.99/mo.