How We Can Encourage Course Development

Disc golf courses are the lifeline of our beloved sport, providing opportunities for players to engage with nature, challenge their skills, and foster a sense of community. As disc golfers, we can play an active role in encouraging the development of new courses and expanding the availability of existing ones. In this blog post, we will explore effective ways that disc golfers can contribute to and advocate for course development.

Engage with Local Authorities and Parks Departments:

Contact local authorities, parks departments, and relevant decision-makers to express your interest in disc golf course development. Attend public meetings or submit written proposals outlining the benefits of disc golf, such as its low environmental impact, increased park usage, and positive community engagement. Emphasize the growing popularity of the sport and its potential economic impact on the local area.

Form Disc Golf Associations or Clubs:

Establish or join local disc golf associations or clubs dedicated to promoting the sport and advocating for course development. By creating a unified voice, you can demonstrate the demand for disc golf courses in your area. These associations can actively engage with local authorities, provide expertise, and mobilize resources to support the development process.

Collaborate with Community Organizations:

Reach out to community organizations, such as Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, or environmental groups, to form partnerships that can support disc golf course development. Highlight the potential benefits, such as increased outdoor recreation opportunities, tourism potential, and positive youth engagement. Seek opportunities to present the sport and its advantages to these organizations, engaging them as allies in the course development process.

Build Relationships with Parks and Recreation Departments:

Develop strong relationships with parks and recreation departments by volunteering for park clean-up days, offering assistance in maintaining existing courses, or providing input on course improvements. By demonstrating your commitment to the local disc golf community and showing respect for park resources, you enhance the likelihood of being heard when advocating for new course development.

Offer Volunteer Labor and Fundraising Efforts:

Many course development projects require volunteer labor and financial resources. Offer your time and skills to assist in course design, clearing fairways, or installing tee pads and baskets. Organize fundraising events, such as tournaments, raffles, or crowdfunding campaigns, to raise money for course development expenses. By actively participating in the process, you demonstrate your dedication and commitment to the growth of disc golf in your community.

Educate and Inform:

Educate local decision-makers, parks departments, and community members about the sport of disc golf. Provide them with resources, statistics, and success stories from other communities that have benefited from disc golf course development. Share the positive impacts that disc golf has on physical and mental health, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. By disseminating accurate information, you can dispel misconceptions and build support for course development.

Demonstrate Responsible Stewardship:

Promote responsible and sustainable course stewardship to maintain a positive image of disc golf in your community. Encourage players to respect park rules, pick up trash, and report any course maintenance needs to park authorities promptly. By showcasing disc golfers as responsible stewards of the environment, you enhance the perception of the sport and increase the likelihood of future course development.

Disc golfers have a unique opportunity to be catalysts for course development and expansion. By engaging with local authorities, forming disc golf associations, collaborating with community organizations, building relationships with parks departments, offering volunteer labor and fundraising efforts, educating decision-makers, and demonstrating responsible stewardship, we can actively contribute to the growth and accessibility of disc golf courses. Let's work together to create more opportunities for players to enjoy our beloved sport and foster thriving disc golf communities.