June 16th Restock - Discmania Grateful Dead Collection, Innova Tour Series and More!

Lots of brands! We wanted to highlight some exciting items that have been restocked. Here's what we have:

Elitez Captains Raptors: We found more of these popular discs, and they come in some great colors.

5X Paul McBeth Strock Mold: This is the last restock for the 5X Paul McBeth Strock Mold discs. We have just a few Buzzes left, along with plenty of Forces, some Avenger SS, and Elite Z Zones. Please note that the 6X stock stamp stuff has a different mold and will not be restocked once we sell out.

Jawbreaker/SB Lunas: We also have a restock of the Jawbreaker/SB Lunas. 

Discmaniacs and Disc Golfing Fathers will be thrilled to hear that we have the only licensed Grateful Dead collection on disc golf discs. The Discmania molds available include P1 and P2, MD1 and MD3, Essence, and DD3's. Please note that this is an extremely limited collection, so grab them while you can. They make great Father's Day gifts!

Innova Tour Series Restocks: We have a variety of Innova Tour Series discs available again. Here's what we have:

Korver Halo Star Terns

Halo Star Thunderbirds

GG Halo Wraiths

Halo Star Barsby Chargers

New Halo Champion Glow Sonic for GG

New Philo Braithwaite Champion Metal Flake Glow Hawkeye

We're particularly excited about the Champion Metal Flake Glow Hawkeye, as it feels amazing!

Don't miss out on these restocked items. Visit us today and get your hands on these fantastic discs and be sure to check out our Father Day Manufacturer Bundles too!