May 12th Restock - Discraft, Trilogy, MVP Glitch and more!

Attention all disc golf enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share. We've just restocked some of the most popular discs on our site. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, we've got something for everyone including the MVP Glitch! Here are the discs we've restocked:


Elite Z NukeOS: This high-speed driver is perfect for players who need extra distance and stability on their throws. With its predictable flight path and excellent grip, it's no wonder the NukeOS is a favorite among players.

Elite Z Mantis: Known for its excellent glide and control, the Mantis is a versatile driver that can handle a variety of different shots. With its reliable performance, this disc is perfect for players of all skill levels.

Elite Z Meteor: This mid-range disc offers exceptional control and accuracy, making it a popular choice among players who need to navigate tight fairways and tricky shots.

Elite Z Machete: With its overstable flight path and reliable grip, the Machete is the perfect driver for players who need to navigate tough wind conditions or make difficult shots.

Zombee: This mid-range disc offers a great combination of speed and control, making it a popular choice among players who need a reliable disc for a variety of different shots.

Swirly ESP Anax: This versatile driver is known for its excellent grip and predictable flight path, making it a popular choice among players who need to land their shots with accuracy and distance.

Get Freaky Zone: With its overstable flight path and reliable grip, the Get Freaky Zone is the perfect approach disc for players who need to navigate tricky shots and make difficult putts. Pick one up now before they’re gone! This is the last restock of the old stamp before the updated 2023 stamp comes out!


Lucid Air Truth and Opto Air Diamond: These lightweight discs offer exceptional glide and distance, making them a popular choice among players who need to hit those long, open shots.

Dagger, Judge, Warden, and Marshal: Our restocked trilogy putters are perfect for players who need a reliable disc for their short game. With their consistent release and reliable performance, these putters will help you sink those crucial putts.


MVP Glitch: These unique and eye-catching discs are perfect for collectors and players who like to add a little extra flair to their game. With their vibrant colors and patterns, you'll stand out on the course and make a statement with every throw.


We got the new P Model OS, which is a new overstable putter from the Prodigy Ace Line.

The ProFlex plastic is fantastic, and extremely affordable.

This new putter is a beadless putter with a straight flight and a reliable fade.

This is very torque resistant, and sure to become a fan favorite after the first throw!

We also got the Isaac Robinson Champions cup commemorative discs!

These things are GORGEOUS and will go quickly, so act fast.

The first is a 500 Spectrum Glitter F3, which is one of the best molds in the Prodigy line up.

Add in some insane spectrum burst, and some glitter and it really POPS! The stamp is amazing which ties in his Georgia roots, with the Southern Oak, the state tree of Georgia where Isaac is from, and where the Champions cup was held this year.

Next is the PA-3 in 300 soft, an instant classic.

This commemorative run feels AMAZING, and with his robin hood signature stamp really makes this PA-3 one for the ages.

We also got in some limited edition d2's and d3's.

The D3 has the Rippit stamp, which is one of the coolest custom stamps we have seen in a long time. This run is in their 500 plastic, and are nice and domey, which is certain to make this disc a BOMBER.

The D2 features a stamp of Orion, the guardian warrior. These limited edition D2's have a slight dome, which will make these an instant hit with prodigy fans as it should add some extra glide to their workhorse overstable driver in their line up. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and check out our restocked discs before they sell out again. We're sure you'll find the perfect disc to help you take your game to the next level. Thanks for choosing us as your go-to disc golf supplier, and happy shopping!