May 19th Restock - Innova, Prodigy, Prodiscus and Revival of the Disc 'Till Die Stamp!

Welcome, disc golf enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce a restock of some fantastic discs from renowned manufacturers. In this blog post, we'll highlight the latest additions to our inventory, organized by manufacturer. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, these discs are sure to enhance your game. So, without further ado, let's dive into the restocked discs from Innova, Ace Line Prodigy and Prodiscus!


Aviar and KC PRO Aviar: The classic putters are back with their reliable flight paths and comfortable grip. Perfect for accurate putting and short-range throws.

Eagles: Experience controlled distance with these versatile fairway drivers. The Eagles provide excellent glide and dependable stability, suitable for a variety of shots.

Firebirds: Known for their overstable flight characteristics, Firebirds are reliable in windy conditions and ideal for powerful throws. A must-have for advanced players!

Star Wraiths: Back by popular demand, Wraiths in the premium Star plastic are excellent for long-distance drives. Their combination of speed, stability, and glide makes them a go-to choice for players of all skill levels.

Roadrunner: The Roadrunner is a great disc for beginners and players with slower arm speeds. Its understable nature and reliable glide allow for easy distance and controlled turnovers. The Advanced players will find that the Roadrunner is great for rollers and powered down turnovers.

Toros: Toros provide a unique combination of speed, stability, and control. This overstable approach disc is a must have in any player's bag.

DX Mako3 and Jay: These fantastic neutral midranges are back in Innova’s most affordable plastic DX. These midranges are great for shorter drives and longer approaches when you need control but more distance than a putter can provide.

Ace Line Prodigy:

D Model OS: If you're looking for a dependable overstable Distance Driver, the D Model OS is an excellent choice. It excels in windy conditions and offers reliable fade at the end of the flight.

M Model S: This midrange disc offers a straight flight path with a gentle finish, making it suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. It's great for controlled drives and accurate shots.

P Model S: The P Model S is a versatile putter that provides straight flights with reliable fade. It offers excellent control and is suitable for players of all skill levels.


Legenda: The Legenda is a high-speed driver that offers stability and control. Its reliable fade makes it suitable for powerful throws and controlled fades.

Stari: This midrange disc is known for its versatility and straight flight. The Stari is perfect for controlled approaches, accurate shots, and turnovers.

Titan: The Titan is a distance driver that offers excellent speed, stability, and glide. It's designed to handle powerful throws and deliver maximum distance.

Disc ‘Till Die Stamps

Neutron Soft Glitches: The glitch has been in high demand since its conception selling out within a couple days of every restock. The unique flight of the Glitch now meets the unique beauty of the Disc ‘Till Die stamp. 

Fission Crave: The pound for pound  (distance relative to rim size) farthest flying disc on the market. We took Simon Lizzote’s favorite fairway driver and made it better. 

Plasma Zenith: The Zenith is one of the farthest flying 11 speeds on the market. We combined this beautiful flight with a beautiful celebration of the deceased. 


We hope this restock blog has gotten you excited about the latest additions to our disc inventory. Innova, Ace Line Prodigy, and Prodiscus have brought back some incredible discs that cater to players of all skill levels. Whether you're in need of putters, midranges, fairway drivers, distance drivers or a disc with a really cool stamp, visit today and take your game to new heights! Happy disc golfing!