May 26th Restock - Prodiscus, Innova, Gateway and Discmania!

Attention, disc golf enthusiasts! Get ready to level up your game because we have restocked a bunch of incredible molds this week. We are thrilled to present a wide range of discs from top manufacturers, including Gateway, Innova, Prodiscus, and Discmania. Whether you're in need of putters, midranges, fairway drivers, or distance drivers, this restock has you covered. So let's dive in and explore the discs, sorted by manufacturer, and maybe you’ll find a disc that’ll transform your game (and maybe go pro idk). 

Prodiscus Discs:

Fasti (Distance Driver):

The Prodiscus Fasti is a distance driver that will get impressive distance even for not power throwers. Prodiscus refers to the Fasti as a “Easy Distance Driver.” They believe that the Fasti is perfect for newer disc golfers and slower armed players that still want to enjoy the benefits of a 12 speed rim. 

Jokeri (Putter):

The Prodiscus Jokeri putter is a beadless putter that stands out for its stability and consistency. With a reliable fade and a comfortable feel, it excels at approach shots and handles windy conditions with ease.

JokeriX (Putter):

The Prodiscus JokeriX, a beaded version of the Jokeri, putter disc provides a stable flight with a dependable fade. It's a versatile disc suitable for accurate approach shots and controlled drives.

Midari (Midrange):

The Prodiscus Midari midrange disc offers a straight flight path with a gentle fade. It's perfect for players who prioritize controlled, accurate shots in various weather conditions.

MidariX (Midrange):

The Prodiscus MidariX midrange disc is an overstable version of the Midari. It delivers a reliable fade and is great for players who prefer a slightly more overstable stable midrange.

Origo (Putter):

The Prodiscus Origo putter is a straight putter with a subjectively amazing hand feel. It’s an Innova Aviar with the depth of a Latitude 64 Pure- a truly beautiful combination of specification.

Razeri (Distance Driver):

The Prodiscus Razeri is a distance driver with a controllable flight and reliable fade. It's perfect for precise hyzer shots and offers consistency in harsh winds.

Respecti (Fairway Driver):

The Prodiscus Respecti is a fairway driver designed for controlled flights with a reliable fade. It excels in accuracy and control, making it a dependable disc in various playing conditions.

Sparta (Putter):

The Prodiscus Sparta is a putter that combines a comfortable feel with reliable stability. It's an excellent choice for putting and approach shots, providing consistency and accuracy.

Titan (Fairway Driver):

The Prodiscus Titan is a distance driver that offers a powerful flight with a reliable fade. It's incredibly unique due to its low glide and slight overstability. 

Troija (Midrange):

The Prodiscus Troija is a midrange that provides an insanely overstable flight. It’s similar to the Dynamic Discs Justice or Discraft’s Zone OS.

Gateway Discs:

Magic (Putter):

The Gateway Magic putter is a go-to disc for precision putting and short-range approach shots. With its straight flight path and comfortable grip, this versatile putter offers exceptional control and accuracy.

Voodoo (Putter):

The Gateway Voodoo putter features a beadless design and is a popular choice for both putting and approach shots. It provides a consistent flight pattern and offers a comfortable feel in the hand.

Wizard (Putter):

The Gateway Wizard putter has earned its legendary status. With excellent glide and a reliable fade, it's ideal for driving, approach shots, and putting. The Gateway Wizard does it all.

Innova Discs:

Blizzard Beast (Distance Driver):

The Innova Blizzard Beast is a high-speed distance driver that combines power and finesse. With its lightweight construction, it offers increased distance potential and excellent control. This disc is perfect for long drives and showcases remarkable speed and agility.

Blizzard Destroyer (Distance Driver):

The Innova Blizzard Destroyer lives up to its name, providing exceptional distance capabilities and a fast flight. Its reliable fade at the end makes it ideal for maximum distance shots, and it's a favorite among players at all skill levels.

Blizzard Wraith (Distance Driver):

The Innova Blizzard Wraith is a versatile driver known for its controlled flights and impressive distance. It offers excellent glide and a predictable fade, making it a popular choice for intermediate and advanced players seeking accuracy along with distance.

Discmania Discs:

Astronaut (Distance Driver):

The Discmania Astronaut is a distance driver that offers excellent speed and glide. It's designed for maximum distance shots for slower arm speeds.

Genius (Fairway Driver):

The Discmania Genius midrange disc provides an understandable flight with a gentle fade. It's an ideal choice for controlled Fairway driver shots that require accuracy and reliability.

Maestro (Midrange Driver):

The Discmania Maestro midrange that strikes a balance between speed and control. It’s great for those shots that are barely too far for a putter but a typical midrange risks going too far.

Magician (Fairway Driver):

The Discmania Magician putter offers stability and reliability. The Magician’s slower speed for a fairway gives it controllability without sacrificing distance. 

Mentor (Distance Driver):

The Discmania Mentor midrange disc provides a far flight even for slower arms. Power players will be able to do big turnovers with the Discmania Mentor.

Mermaid (Fairway Driver):

The Discmania Mermaid is a fairway driver that offers a controllable flight path and reliable fade. It excels in accuracy and control and even floats in water!

Rockstar (Fairway Driver):

The Discmania Rockstar is a slightly understandable fairway driver designed for turnover shots and slower arm speeds. 

Shogun (Putter):

The Discmania Shogun Putter disc provides a stable flight with a dependable fade. It's an excellent choice for players who value accuracy and control in their putter shots.

Sensei (Putter):

The Discmania Sensei putter offers a stable flight and a comfortable feel. It's perfect for players who seek consistent putting and reliable approach shots.


There you have it—the ultimate restock of discs from Gateway, Innova, Prodiscus, and Discmania. Whether you're in need of putters, midranges, fairway drivers, or distance drivers, these manufacturers have you covered. So don't wait, grab your favorite discs, and take your game to new heights. Happy disc golfing!