Morrill Performance Now Included in Disc Member Subscription Service

Exciting News! Morrill Functional Performance Training is now INCLUDED in the Disc Member Ultimate frisbee monthly subscription service for the life of a paid membership starting August 1. 

We have teamed up with MPFPT to include their valuable membership inside our already value packed monthly subscription service for only $24.99/month. That's around $65 of value for less than $25. Or you can join MPFPT for just $15 per month.

MPFPT's mission is to empower athletes to reach their peak potential through education, world class programming and community support. Inspiration + Education = Empowerment

If you are a DiscMember, MPFPT will get you access to:
• World class programming and training plans for Movement Preparation, Speed & Agility, Strength & Power and Conditioning.
• Coaching cues and explanations captured in HD at multiple angles featuring MP Elite athletes and coaches.
• Support throughout your journey from a global community, 20 countries and counting.
• Programs, Video Demos, Video Library, Forums, and More!

MPFPT is perfect for athletes, team workout captains, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, and sport coaches. Reference the warm-ups, speed & agility drills, conditioning drills, coaching cues, customized programs, and more to increase your performance on the field.

Sign up for DiscMember to get started for $24.99 per month, or join MPFPT for $15 per month.

To announce our partnership, if you sign up this month you will get a Morrill Performance Jersey, a Morrill Performance Ultra-Star, and a Morrill Performance Sticker shipped to you in early August as part of the Ultimate frisbee subscription through DiscMember.