Exciting News! Morrill Functional Performance Training is now INCLUDED in the Disc Member Ultimate frisbee monthly subscription service for the life of a paid membership starting August 1. 

We have teamed up with MPFPT to include their valuable membership inside our already value packed monthly subscription service for only $24.99/month. That's around $65 of value for less than $25. Or you can join MPFPT for just $15 per month.

MPFPT's mission is to empower athletes to reach their peak potential through education, world class programming and community support. Inspiration + Education = Empowerment

If you are a DiscMember, MPFPT will get you access to:
• World class programming and training plans for Movement Preparation, Speed & Agility, Strength & Power and Conditioning.
• Coaching cues and explanations captured in HD at multiple angles featuring MP Elite athletes and coaches.
• Support throughout your journey from a global community, 20 countries and counting.
• Programs, Video Demos, Video Library, Forums, and More!

MPFPT is perfect for athletes, team workout captains, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, and sport coaches. Reference the warm-ups, speed & agility drills, conditioning drills, coaching cues, customized programs, and more to increase your performance on the field.

Sign up for DiscMember to get started for $24.99 per month, or join MPFPT for $15 per month.

To announce our partnership, if you sign up this month you will get a Morrill Performance Jersey, a Morrill Performance Ultra-Star, and a Morrill Performance Sticker shipped to you in early August as part of the Ultimate frisbee subscription through DiscMember.