Top 10 Shopping Tips for a Disc Golfer

Don't know how to shop for your favorite disc golfer this holiday season? Check out Steve and Nate's Top 10 Tips to shop for a disc golfer for the season. Make sure and check out all of our great holiday deals going on for a limited time right now.

1. Know Your Golfer

Are they a beginner who doesn't have a lot of discs? Almost any kind of disc would be great for the beginner, just ask someone in the shop and they will have great recomendations. Are they a competitive golfer? They will be more specific of what they might want so I would check out Tip # 5 for your competitive golfer.

2. Weight and Color Matter

Some golfers carry specific colors in their bags or avoid certain colors. You might want to know your golfer and what colors they prefer or avoid. Weight is also important for some as they try to have the same weight range in their bag at all times. Also extreme weight variations could cause the disc to have a different flight pattern so its a good idea to know what weight they like or stick to an average weight range which anyone in the shop would know how to help you.

For younger golfers under the age of 12 it may be a good idea to stick to the lighter weights discs as it will help them with their form and distance and help them reach the desired flight pattern for each disc.

3. Get Them a Gift Card

Can't figure it out or want to make sure they get exactly what they want? Buy them a Gift Card.

4. Ask What to Get

Really want to make sure you get something they love? You should ask them or their golfing buddies to see what they have been throwing, asking about, or needing in their bag. Try to get a list from them or their friends and head online to get what they want.

5. Pick Up on Hints

Are there specific brands, plastics, colors, weights that they have bene talking about? Or do they mention their favorite disc getting lost or too beaten up on the course? Listen closely and I bet you will be able to find out something they would love the holidays. Maybe there is a high-end item on their wishlist but they wouldn't buy it for themselves, thats a perfect way to win them over this season.

6. Get Them a Gift Card

Seriously, click here.

7. Scout Out Their Bag

See whats in their bag and check the condition of the discs, colors, names, etc and write them down or take pictures. You can then take your data online and get them something similar from what they want.

8. Take Advantage of the Trilogy BuyBack Program

If you're shopping local, the Buyback program is a great option for your favorite golfer. If they aren't satisifed with any disc from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, or Westside Discs, bring it back within 14 days and the local shop will replace it with whatever disc they want. So if they give you that dreaded half-smile upon opening the disc, let them know to bring it back to a Buyback Retail Partner store and make them happy again.

9. Get Them a Gift Card

No more hints. Just buy one here.

10. Disc Golf Apparel Is a Great Option

Think they have everything they need but could use a little dressing up. Buy them some fresh disc golf related apparel and know they will look good in your new present. Check out our great apparel and accessories here.

Thanks for reading our post. Good luck shopping for your disc golf this holiday season!
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