9-Hole Super Class Event 

On Thursday April 26, Disc Store will be hosting an official GBO 9-Hole Flex Start Super Class Event.  Super class events follow all standard PDGA rules except the only discs allowed for play are larger frisbee style discs such as the Dynamic Discs Aviator, Discraft Ultra-Star or Innova Zephyr.  Swing by New Life Christian Church before or after your GBO round for some Disc Golf the old fashioned way!

Don’t have a Super Class Disc?  No worries! Players will receive a free Dynamic Discs Aviator with your entry, and the Disc Store tent will be onsite as well. Open division prizes will payout in cash via PayPal unless other arrangements are made.  Ams will payout in Disc Store gift cards redeemable online or at the vendor village.

Click here to register at DiscGolfScene.com for the 2018 GBO 9-Hole Super
Class Flex Start Tournament Presented by Disc Store.

Check out the PDGA Super Class rules here.


Disc Store Recommended Super Class Discs

Discraft Ultra-Star

The Ultra-Star is the number one Ultimate player's disc of choice and is the official disc of USA Ultimate.  This is the most popular Ultimate disc on the market. It is designed with a contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering making it easy to throw for all skill levels.  From the beach to a World Championship Ultimate Match, the Ultra-Star is the ‘ultimate’ disc of choice.
Check out our Ultra-Star selection here.

Dynamic Discs Aviator

The Newest addition to the Ultimate Disc selection is the Dynamic Discs Aviator.  This ultimate disc was designed specifically created to glide further and straighter.  It has a slightly shallower rim than a traditional ultimate disc. Its familiar DD swedish made plastic makes this disc more stable and more durable than other discs on the market.


Check out our Aviator selection here.

Innova Pulsar

The official disc of the former Major League Ultimate. The Innova Pulsar is a classic ultimate disc, that is great for freestyle, catch, or Super Class and PDGA disc golf events.   The DX plastic makes the Pulsar rim slightly more durable, to allow for high power throws.

Check out our Pulsar Selection here.

Innova Zephyr

The Zephyr is a long time favorite for the Overall events of Discathon and Accuracy.  It is a spectacular flyer, good for the beach, the park or disc golf course. The Zephyr’s Thumtrac® gives the disc extra grip and durability.  It is a great disc for sidearm throwers and a true classic.

Check out our Zephyr Selection here.

Daredevil Game Disc

Canada’s leading Ultimate Disc, and Ultimate players prefered alternative disc.  The Daredevil Gamedisc is a straight flying, durable and trusting disc that feels great in the hand.  It also comes in many colors not offered by other companies.

Check out our Daredevil Gamedisc selection here.

Discraft Sky-Pro

The Discraft Sky-Pro is a lightweight 125 gram ultimate disc with a smaller diameter than a standard ultimate disc.  Its smaller size makes for a great disc for kids and those with smaller hands. It is very easy to throw, and is a great disc for a casual toss in the backyard.  This classic disc is no longer in production, but you can still get your hands on them exclusively from us, here!

Discraft Sky-Styler

Discraft’s Sky-Styler is a lightweight ultimate disc weighing 160 grams.  With no flight rings, The Sky-Styler is the preferred choice for freestylers around the world.  It has been used in more World Champion Freestylers than any other disc! It is an all around solid throwing disc, and great for all skill levels.

Check out our Discraft Sky-Styler selection here.