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2022 Holiday Shopping Preview!

This year's Holiday deals might be our best yet. As always, you'll get the lowest prices ever on Grow the Sport Disc Golf Baskets, Bags, and misprints, and our most popular Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf items.

But this year we're adding a TON of other deals, including new Beginner and Mystery boxes, Premium stocking stuffers, and our NEW Disc Store Jackpot Tickets!

2022 Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Sales

Monday, 11/14 through Sunday 11/20:

Up to 80% OFF Holiday Clearance Items

Last chance to save BIG on items from years past. Once liquidated they're gone forever.
Highlights from Both Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee Sections, ALL THESE DISCOUNTS PLUS MORE!

* FREE Paratrooper Bag with EVERY Order over $300 - Must use Promo Code: Paratrooper

* Ugly Sweater Full Sub Ultimate Jersey 80% OFF

* Santa Suit Full Sub Long Sleeve Jersey 80% OFF

* Disc Golf Ugly Stocking Cap 80% OFF

* Ultimate Ugly Stocking Cap 80% OFF

* Wreath Supercolor Ultra-Star 60% OFF

* Disc Golf Full Sub Ugly Sweater 50% Off

* Ultimate Full Sub Ugly Sweater 50% Off

* Disc Golf Premium Stocking Stuffer - 50% Off - Great Gift Idea!

* Disc Golf Beginner Bundles - FREE Grab & Go Bag with every Bundle - Great Gift Idea!

Tuesday, 11/22 through Thursday 11/24:

Pre-Black Friday Tapered Pants Sale

50% Off both Disc Golf Tapered Pants and Ultimate Tapered Pants, plus a NEW Grey color option!

Thursday 11/24 through Sunday 11/27:

Black Friday Deals ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Disc Golf:

* NEW Disc Golf Jackpot Tickets - Only $6.89, Chance to win over $200k in Prizes!

Growthesport Lite Basket - $75 OFF

Growthesport 2.0 Basket - $100 OFF

* Growthesport Permanent PDGA Championship Approved Basket - $100 OFF

* Growthesport 30" Mini Basket - $20 OFF + FREE Mini Disc

* Disc Store Tournament Backpack Bag - 60% Off

* Disc Store Lighweight Tournament Bag - 60% Off

* Disc Store Wanderer Backpack Bag - $25 Off

* Disc Store Trekker Backpack Bag - 50% Off

Ultimate Frisbee:

* NEW Disc Store Jackpot Tickets - Only $6.89, Chance to win over $200k in Prizes!

* Ultimate Misprint Jersey & Disc Bundle - 50% Off

* Misprint Discraft Ultra-Stars - Only 6.89!

* Greatest Ultimate Sky Trainer - $25 Off

Monday 11/28 through Wednesday 11/30:

Extended Cyber Monday!

* Up to 90% Off Cyber Monday Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee Sections!

* Disc Golf Mystery Boxes - $20 Off + NEW 3, 5, and 10 pack bundle options - Great Gift Idea!

* Ultimate Frisbee Mystery Boxes - $20 Off + NEW Premium and Deluxe Options - Great Gift Idea!

Wednesday 11/30 through Sunday 12/4:

Custom Disc Sale!

* 20% Off All Custom Discs - Order by Sunday 12/4 for Christmas delivery!

Those are just some of the great deals you will find Black Friday week and beyond at DiscStore.com.

Check your email when these deals go LIVE and make sure and check out our Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf Black Friday sections for even more special offers throughout the week!


* All promotions may be subject to change *


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What is Ultimate? by Frisbee Rob

Ultimate is a non-contact, self-refereed team discipline played with a 175 gram flying disc. At each end of the playing field there is an end zone.  Each team defends one endzone. They score a goal if one of their players catches the disc in the opposite end zone. There are 7 players per side and the field is 64 metres long (70 yards) and 37 m wide (40 yards) with 18 m endzones (25 yards). Click to read more about the rules of Ultimate frisbee.

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Team chemistry can make or break a team regardless of the level of play. If you and your teammates can’t work well together on or off the field, your team’s season will be unpleasant, regardless of wins and losses. It’s urgent that from the beginning of the season till the end, you and your teammates are on the same page of what you want to accomplish. Here are a few principles to really focus on to create a positive team culture and chemistry. Click through to Read More

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