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The History of Ultimate Frisbee

The history of Ultimate frisbee, and even earlier, the history of recreational flying discs, can be traced at least as far back as 1837. The practice of throwing popcorn bucket lids and pie tins eventually evolved into a plastic mold specifically designed for the activity. Renamed and revamped many times for longer and more accurate flight, the “Pluto Platter” was the first disc sold to toy company Wham-O by Walter Morrison in 1955. Click through to read more.

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What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee, or ultimate as it is officially recognized, is a team sport that combines aspects of many other sports, such as the athleticism and coordination of basketball, the passing and flow of movement of soccer, and the field dimensions and endzones of football. Yet it is not a ball sport, it is played with a flying disc! Click through to read more.

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