Westside Discs Plastic Guide

Westside Discs is a popular brand among disc golf enthusiasts, offering a wide range of molds that are available in different plastic types. Each plastic type offers unique characteristics that affect the flight of the disc, making it important for players to understand the differences. In this blog, we’ll break down the various plastic types offered by Westside Discs and their properties.

VIP Plastic

VIP (Very Durable Plastic) is the most premium and durable plastic type offered by Westside Discs. It is a translucent plastic that is slightly stiffer than other types, which gives it increased stability and resistance to wear and tear. VIP plastic discs are more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and dings, making them ideal for use in rugged terrain or extreme weather conditions.

Tournament Plastic

Tournament Plastic is a premium plastic that is similar to VIP, but with slightly less durability. It is still a very durable plastic that is less prone to wear and tear than other types. Tournament Plastic is more flexible than VIP and offers a better grip in the hand, which can be useful for players who prefer a softer feel.

Origio Plastic

Origio Plastic is the most affordable plastic type offered by Westside Discs, making it ideal for beginners or players on a budget. It is a baseline plastic that is less durable than other types but offers excellent grip and a comfortable feel in the hand. Origio Plastic discs tend to be more understable than other plastic types, making them ideal for players who are still developing their throwing technique.

BT Soft Plastic

BT Soft (Burst Technology Soft) Plastic is a blend of plastic types that offers a soft, flexible feel and excellent grip. It is similar to Elasto Plastic in its flight characteristics but with a slightly more stable flight path. BT Soft Plastic discs tend to have a low profile and are ideal for players who prefer a disc with a shallow rim.

BT Medium Plastic

BT Medium (Burst Technology Medium) Plastic is a blend of plastic types that offers a balance between durability and flexibility. It is more durable than Elasto or BT Soft Plastic and offers a better grip than VIP or Tournament Plastic. BT Medium Plastic discs tend to have a more neutral flight path, making them useful for players who want a disc that can perform a variety of shots.

BT Hard Plastic

BT Hard (Burst Technology Hard) offers BT Hard plastic discs that provide excellent hand feel and a reliable grip for putting and upshots for those that prefer a harder base plastic.With Westside Discs' BT Hard plastic, players can confidently park controlled upshots and hit putts from downtown. 

Air Plastics

Westside Discs' Air plastic line is designed to provide disc golfers with lightweight discs that offer increased distance and improved control. The Air plastic discs are molded with microscopic air bubbles, reducing the overall weight while maintaining durability. This unique blend allows players to achieve greater distance and more understandable flights, making it ideal for players with lower arm speed or those seeking additional glide on their throws. The main downside to air plastics is the wind will have its way with Air discs more non-Air plastic discs. On the bright side of that, tailwinds will take your disc to Mexico and back!

In conclusion, Westside Discs offers a variety of plastic types to suit the needs of different players. Each plastic type offers unique properties that affect the flight path of the disc, making it important to understand the differences between them. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is a Westside Discs plastic type that can help take your game to the next level.