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Huck Nation Ultimate Gloves

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Huck Nation Ultimate Gloves

$10 OFF through Sunday only!

Get the latest generation of Huck Nation gloves today and make your Ultimate game better with improved grip, weather protection, and unique style. *Disc Store Note: Mint Gloves Run Approximately 1 Size Smaller Than Competitor's Gloves*


Huck Nation Ultimate gloves include a top of the line cuff design that is more comfortable, better quality and now with an embossed logo!

  • Consistent grip in all conditions
  • Comfortable in cold weather
  • Seamless knit for super form fitting
  • Nylon and glass fiber knit
  • Polymer grip for natural feel
  • Hand Wash with cool water and air dry
  • Latex Free

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My Go-To Gloves
I picked up a pair of these at Wildwood this year, what sold me was that there was almost no learning transition period.
I've tried all the other gloves, and own a pair of the original frictions. I've never been a fan of any of them and frankly try to just use my hands whenever I can. But you need something in the winter - and these gloves are perfect.

There's no stitching at the finger tips so they don't bunch up

These gloves are sleek! they aren't super grippy which I personally prefer. I would say that they are probably better geared for the more experienced player as they won't really add to your catching ability. Although I will say that I have started using them during rainy games since their tachiness is consistent rain or shine and it does improve my game.

Anyway I've been recommending them to my team, and so far everyone that has tried them prefers them. Glad I know now where to let people know to buy them.
If you are a glove user definitely give these a try - very simply gloves; but in Ultimate simplicity is king.
Review by The White Ninja / (Posted on 12/13/2016)
Great for handling.
Tried several other gloves. These feel the most natural and best for handling.
Review by Jay / (Posted on 12/12/2016)