Yazoo Telescoping Polish Horseshoes Set

Yazoo Telescoping Polish Horseshoes Set

The new Yazoo telescoping poles make your next game ultra portable!


Yazoo is the perfect poles set for the beach, back yard or Frisbee game.  The quick assembly telescopic poles make this set super portable and ultimately the best set of polish horseshoes on the market.  Also known as Beersbee, Frisbeer, Nuggers, Frisnik and Stickzee, Polish horseshoes is the hottest new game out there.  

The object of the game is to throw a Frisbee back and forth trying to knock your oponent's bottle or can off.  The defense must try to catch the bottle or can before it hits the ground.  (Full instructions in package)

  • 2 telescoping Aluminum poles
  • Twist lock securing 
  • 175g official competition disc
  • 2 can shaped targets
  • Laminated set of rules
  • Rubber pole boots for storage protection
  • Sinch bag with adjustable straps included